"Depth steaming green tea production areas" Shizuoka Prefecture and brought up in Kanaya, Shimada city formerly located in mountains, at the foot of makinohara Kikukawa between accommodation and safe tea茶蔵That we deliver to our customers.


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2019年11月17日 : 美しく品格のある邑 産直マルシェ

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2019In August 23. : 初収穫!

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The origin of the accommodation between the kikugawa

0/1601(1601)The was kikugawa sandwiched between Kanaya-Juku and nissaka-shuku one 0-4-Cho Tokai road system have been established at that time, has not been determined as an accommodation to Traveller accommodation is not allowed.

But Earth's rest tea house or farm becomes a quickie hatago refrained Nakayama Saya Oi be 川留me and allowed to stay "in between(Between the Worshipful)"As has been established as a traveler place.


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