"Depth steaming green tea production areas" Shizuoka Prefecture and brought up in Kanaya, Shimada city formerly located in mountains, at the foot of makinohara Kikukawa between accommodation and safe tea茶蔵That we deliver to our customers.

How to BREW tea and Q & A

How to BREW tea

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About tea

Q. How do save the way of tea is good?
  • A: If unopened, keep your refrigerator away from saving or hot and humid. Without putting in the refrigerator after opening the sealed, avoid high temperature and high humidity save about one month to drink at your earliest convenience.

Q. What is eighty tea?
  • A: Hits 88 days, counting from the first day of spring is the eighty days, roughly 5/2. Will be high-quality aroma and flavor balanced tea, tea is picked in the eighty and prized as talismans of the perpetual youth and longevity new tea since ancient times.

Q. After dinner tea which you recommend?
  • A: 食中、食後には熱いお湯でも美味しく飲める「輝」がお勧めです。脂っこいものを食べた後などは、さっぱりとする「ほうじ茶」もオススメです。

Q. Want to gargle for tea, which products are good?
  • A: For gargle with plenty of cake ten freshen up, bancha "autumn in the countryside"found a recommendation is.

Q. Green tea is tea light blue dark green?
  • A: Green tea is not included.
    Green tea's tea, tea of bona-fide. By steaming to the thick core of the mesophyll, provides a dark color and strong flavor.

Q. There is the method of tea leaves?
  • A: 茶葉に含まれているカキテンには脱臭効果・抗菌作用がありますので、茶殻を消臭剤として活用できます。茶殻を乾燥させて、瓶や小皿などに入れて冷蔵庫の中や靴箱などの隅に置くと、消臭剤として利用できます。3~4日で交換するとより効果があるでしょう。

How to BREW tea

Q. Do you want some in boiling water?
  • A: Tea is basically brewed in boiling water no problem, depending on the type of tea you yuzamashi more enjoyable. "Shine" "deep steaming tea tea bags" as "hojicha" enjoy 10 minutes in boiling water.

Q. The tea is what decoction(How many times)まで出すことができますか?
  • A: Basically what tea and 2 you can enjoy up to roasting. In like 3-4 try roasting eyes. Tea at woodlands no shizuku 5-7 until about roasting eyes to enjoy more.

Q. Please tell me the tips is not fresh well water out green tea in tea bags.
  • A: Pour water as a trick, a little extract in hot water in small amounts and can enjoy more delicious.

Q. Do not use tap water?
  • A: Tap water is fine. If you are using tap water as chlorine odor boiling 1-wait 2 minutes and then stop the fire, should be used.

About the gift

Q. Is it possible I hope to gift wrapping?
  • A: 包装は可能です。お気軽にお問合せください。

Q. Could I have some wrapping?
  • A: 可能です。お気軽にお問合せください。

Q. それぞれ値段や中身を指定したギフトを個別に作ってほしいのですが可能ですか?
  • A: It's possible. Will be provided according to customer requirements, such as price and volume. Please feel free to contact us.

About tea collection

Q. What is open? Do you have a holiday?
  • A: Opening hours are weekdays 8:30Minutes-will be at 12 o'clock. Holiday weekends and public holidays.

Q. 菊翠茶農協と茶蔵は同じですか?
  • A: 別会社となります。


Q. Do you event it stores, wholesale, etc?
  • A: Events are opened from time to time, do you have anything available. In addition, the shop where you can put products and wholesale partners as well as from time to time seeking.